Manuscript Status of 2017

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Now articles are being typeset by Hainan Medical University and the first proof has been confirmed by the editorial office. The contents will be available on homepage of APJR  in the near future.

No. Manuscript ID Title Manuscript status
Submission date status status date
1 APJR-2017-24 An online infertility clinical decision support system 5-Jun-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
2 APJR-2017-23 Antifertility properties of CentellaasiaticaL.ethanolic extract as a contraceptive agent: Preliminary study of sperm proteomic 31-May-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
3 APJR-2017-22 Effect of melatoninand/or cysteamineon development and vitrification of buffalo embryos 24-May-17 Revision required 2-Jun-17
4 APJR-2017-21 Plants altering hormonal milieu: A review 16-May-17 Revision required 5-Jun-17
5 APJR-2017-20 Study the activity of Transaminase enzyme and Testosterone hormone in blood of Awassi rams during different season 12-May-17 Revision required 2-Jun-17
6 APJR-2017-19 Impact of silymarin enriched semen extender on bull sperm preservability 18-Apr-17 Proofreading 2-Jun-17
7 APJR-2017-18 Zika virus infection, vagina, clinical problem and presentation 14-Apr-17 Accept 6-Jun-17
8 APJR-2017-17 Male masturbation device for the treatment of delayed ejaculation: A case report 7-Apr-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
9 APJR-2017-16 Endoscopic monitoring the estrous phase of Arabian mares with assaying its biopsy 7-Apr-17 Accept 6-Jun-17
10 APJR-2017-15 Dose and duration dependent cytotoxicity of aroclor 1254 in the testis of mice 31-Mar-17 Proofreading 5-Jun-17
11 APJR-2017-14 Effects of Dietary Vitamin E on Male Reproductive System (Review) 20-Mar-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
12 APJR-2017-13 Effect of Using Ascorbic Acid and Cysteamine Supplementation on in-Vitro Development of Buffalo Embryos 16-Mar-17 Revision required 5-Jun-17
13 APJR-2017-12 The preservation of epididymal spermatozoa of garut ram in soybean lechitin-based extender 13-Mar-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
14 APJR-2017-11 Effects of Long-term Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiations Emitted by Common Mobile Jammers on Reproduction Parameters in Rats 12-Mar-17 Revision required 1-Jun-17
15 APJR-2017-10 Cryopreservation enhance the vacuolization in human spermatozoa 1-Mar-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
16 APJR-2017-9 Efficacy of anti-microbial agents on the vaginal microorganisms and reproductive performance of synchronized estrus eves 1-Mar-17 Proofreading 5-Jun-17
17 APJR-2017-8 Adrenomedullin antagonist infusion causes utero implantation growth restriction 17-Feb-17 Rejected 2-Jun-17
18 APJR-2017-7 The methanolic extract of Guibourtia tessmannii (Caesalpiniaceae) improves sexual parameters in high fat diet-induced obese sexually sluggish rats 13-Feb-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
19 APJR-2017-6 Laser irradiation effects and its possible mechanisms of actionon spermatozoa functions in domestic animals 20-Feb-17 Revision required 5-Jun-17
20 APJR-2017-5 Vitamin D deficiency may be a modifiable risk factor in woman with endometriosis 30-Jan-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
21 APJR-2017-4 Occurrence of Parvovirus B19 Infection among Pregnant Women in Lagos, Nigeria 19-Jan-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
22 APJR-2017-3 Comparison of serum reproductive hormones, antioxidants, PGE2 and PGF2-α between primary and secondary infertile women in Calabar 11-Feb-17 Revision required 1-Jun-17
23 APJR_2017_2 Detection of bacterial biofilm in uterine of repeat breeder dariy cows 13-Jan-17 Revision required 1-Jun-17
24 APJR_2017_1 The effect of oral lead acetate exposure on Bax expression and apoptosis index granulose cells antral follicle in female Wistar Rat (Rattus norvergicus) 3-Jan-17 Proofreading 5-Jun-17
25 APJR_2016_240

Seasonal variations in serum pregnancy associated glycoproteins during early pregnancy in Aardi goats in central Saudi Arabia

30-Dec-17 Under review 6-Jun-17
26 APJR_2016_239

Genetic polymorphism of Growth Differentiation Factor 9 (GDF9) gene related to fecundity in two Egyptian sheep breeds

30-Dec-17 Withdraw 25-May-17
27 APJR_2016_236 Effects of L-Arginine supplementation on semen quality, testosterone concentration and testes histological parameters of Ross 308 breeder roosters 10-Dec-16 Accept 6-Jun-17
28 APJR_2016_235 Protective Effects of Aristolochia longa, Aquilaria Malaccensis , or Their Combination on lead-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rat cerebrum 9-Dec-16 Rejected 2-Jun-17
29 APJR_2016_234 Preservability of rabbit semen after chilled storage in tris based extender enriched with different concentrations of Propolis ethanolic extract (PEE) 8-Dec-16 Revision required 31-May-17
30 APJR_2016_232 Effect of Diospyros kaki enriched extender on cattle bull sperm parameters and conception rate 7-Dec-16 Revision required 31-May-17
31 APJR_2016_231 Genetic variations affecting coagulation association with reproduction failure 6-Dec-16 Rejected 21-May-17
32 APJR_2016_229 Paper Molecular interaction of zp3 to zp3r reveals a cross-species fertilization mechanism 6-Dec-16 Proofreading 5-Jun-17
33 APJR_2016_219 Correlation of clusterin expression with semen quality of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) bulls 30-Nov-16 Rejected 21-May-17
34 APJR_2016_218 The effect of hematopoietic stem cell on tumor necrosis factor-α expression, spiral artery remodeling and placental apoptosis in lead-exposed pregnant mice 23-Nov-16 Revision required 24-May-17
35 APJR_2016_217 Preservability of bull spermatozoa in Tris-egg yolk extender enriched with different concentrations of butylated hydroxytoluene 23-Nov-16 Revision required 31-May-17
36 APJR_2016_213 Effect of monoclonal antibody Human Zona Pellucida 3 (Mab-hZP3) againts kit ligand expression at ovary granulosa cells and FSH levels of Mus musculus serum 21-Nov-16 Rejected 24-May-17
37 APJR_2016_212 The effects of evaporative cooling on heat stressed dairy Holstein cows under a semi-arid environment 20-Nov-16 Rejected 24-May-17
38 APJR_2016_211 Genetic mutation and deletion in Maura cattle as the result of crossbreeding 19-Nov-16 Withdraw 1-Jun-17
39 APJR_2016_210 Establishment of fetal age equations based on ultrasound measurements in cross-bred Holstein cows. 18-Nov-16 Revision required 31-May-17
40 APJR_2016_209 Cytotxic , Antimicrobial, and Antioxidant Screening of Psidium Guajava Leaves Grown in Oman 16-Nov-16 Rejected 31-May-17
41 APJR_2016_208 Effect of intravenous paracetamol on acute postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting after outpatient diagnostic laparoscopy for infertility: A randomized double blinded clinical trial 5-Nov-16 Revision required 31-May-17
42 APJR_2016_111_R3 The effect of freeze-drying media and storage temperature on ultrastructure and DNA of freeze-dried buffalo bull spermatozoa 3-Nov-16 Sent to Production 3-Nov-16
43 APJR_2016_205 Cervical dilation and improvement of reproductive performance in fat-tailed ewes via cervical dilator treatments 2-Nov-16 Accept 6-Jun-17
44 APJR_2016_203 Pregnancy outcome of day 3 versus day 5 embryo transfer: a retrospective analysis. 2-Nov-16 Proofreading 5-Jun-17
45 APJR_2016_199_R1 Improvement of sexual behavior, sperm quantity and quality by Quercetin in streptozotocin-induced diabetic erectile dysfunction 30-Oct-16 Accept 4-Jan-17
46 APJR_2016_204 Effect of Thaumatococcus daniellii leaf rat-feed on potassium bromate induced testicular toxicity 28-Oct-16 Sent to Production 30-Oct-16
47 APJR_2016_141_R1 Hormonal changes and spermatogenesis of male rat puppies born by mothers consuming soybean extract 26-Oct-16 Sent to Production 26-Oct-16
48 APJR_2016_171 protective role of vitamin c on biochemical parameters in testicular tissue of adult rat treated with malathion 25-Oct-16 Rejected 6-Jun-17
49 APJR_2016_123_R2 The nicotine effect toward the oocyte level of rats (Rattus novergicus) 25-Oct-16 Sent to Production 25-Oct-16
50 APJR_2016_201 Mitigatory effects of quercetin on bisphenol A-Induced subchronic toxicity in testis of swiss albino male mice 24-Oct-16 Rejected 6-Jun-17
51 APJR_2016_156_R1 Substitution of egg yolk with different concentrations of soybean lecithin in tris-based extender during bulls' semen preservability 24-Oct-16 Sent to Production 24-Oct-16
52 APJR_2016_161_R2 Seminal plasma hormonal profile of Arabian stallions that are classified ‘good’ or ‘poor’ for semen freezing 24-Oct-16 Sent to Production 24-Oct-16
53 APJR_2016_116_R1 The effects of selenium on the improvement of human sperm parameters after freezing and thawing procedures 24-Oct-16 Sent to Production 31-Oct-16
54 APJR_2016_202 The association between menarche age and menopausal symptoms 24-Oct-16 Rejected 6-Jun-17

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